Home Sellers Guide

Home Sellers Guide

There are a number of steps to selling any house. Experience has taught us that every home sale is unique. Yet every sale — from putting the house on the market to settlement day — shares a common process.

The Home Sellers Guide is designed to help you understand the selling process beforehand. This inside know-how will help you make smart decisions every step of the way — and set aside any worries you may have from the beginning.

Of course, this short guide cannot answer all your questions. For specific answers to your specific situation, I encourage you to contact Wes Atiyeh for additional questions. 

I will be happy to share my expertise. After all, I want you to get the best selling price in the shortest time. Every advantage is yours when you do business with Wes Atiyeh, REALTOR. 


for more informaiton click on this link for details.  http://isellrichmondhomes.com/SellersGuide.aspx#top

For Sale
Putting your house on the market!
An important part of the process.
Getting Ready
Clean up, fix up, or toss out!
The final inspection by the buyer.
Leave this part to us!
The last of the paperwork, handing over the keys.
Offers & Contract
Signing on the dotted line.
Different mortgage strategies.
Terms you should know.


the market is ever changing.  Pricing is key in today’s market.  Getting your house ready is also a key.  I have been working with a couple for some time now and the first thing I told them was to get your finances and your home inshape.  A lender does one and the REALTOR can help with the other.  Having your ducks in a row is key to buying in a market that has slowed and it takes longer to sell a home then before. 

So don’t wait till tomorrow what you can do today. 

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