Where is Henrico, VA ?

It seems that  Henrico County and the City of Richmond have an issue with accounting.  Due to this there is a vote going out to Henrico County residences to get their address changed to Henrico, VA. Henrico says they are loosing $5 million in annual tax revenue because of the following reasons. 

1. Purchasing a computer on line from an out of state company. The company collects the sales tax and sends it to the State Department of Taxation and labels the sale as having occured in “Richmond, VA.  consequently the wrong locality receives this money. 

2. Sales Tax of large retailers paid by out-of-state business offices

3. Catalog Sales

4. Certain Vehicle Leases

5. Companies Leasing Business Equipment such as copiers.  –  If I owned a business and leases products why would I not know where my business is? 

The zip codes that are in question are 23075,23228,23229,23231,23233,23238,23242,23250,23255,23288 and 23294.  Roughly 80,000 residents.

The reasons the county gives you for the change is a bit weird and unusual.  If I buy a car and I live in Henrico why would I even think of telling DMV to register it in the City of Richmond even if my address is Richmond,VA  sometimes I wonder if folks really know what the heck they are doing.  

Second, If I live in Glen Allen, how does that revenue get to Henrico rather than Richmond.  How does everyone else out of state or in state know that Glen Allen is in the county of Henrico.  Why would Glen Allen not change to Henrico, VA as well.  That way everyone knows where they live. 

What about the folks that live in Chesterfield that have a Richmond, VA adress.  Are they going thru the same bs that Henrico residents are going thru? 

And yes if you tell me a zip code I can tell you what county it is in and what the mailing address is.  And so can the USPS along with every online business and manufacture.  Zip codes are coded and are specific to counties and towns across America.  That is why it is so important to have the zip code on your letters. 

As a REALTOR, I get the question asked to me all the time.  What are the county taxes for this home?  They are differnet for each county.  Heck, buying a coke at 7-11 in the city is more than buying that same coke in Henrico County.     

Last but not least, if the City of Richmond and Henrico County cannot come up with a way to resolve this issue without a name change then how do you think they will do when it comes to Regionialization and the many cooperative efforts that have but a strangle hold on the growth of this Capital Region. 

http://www.co.henrico.va.us/  To read more about this possible name change.

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