“Price Haircut” May speed up Sale

“The right price sells a home fast than any other factor.  When the listing price is more than 5% over market, price alone discourages buyers.  Overpriced home –especially in a sluggish market–scares away potential buyers, who think they can’t afford to look. Buyers who look know they can get more home for their money elsewhere. ”   monthly real estate newsletter, the Gooder Group.

If you have homes in your area ont he market for long periods of time, then don’t fall into that trap.  thinking that, Hey if I start my list price high,  I have room for negociations.  I can always go down but I can’t go up.  WRONG approach.  If no one looks at your home how are you going to negociate in the first place. 

A savvy seller strategy in today’s market is to give your home a “price haircut” with a price up to 10% below the competition.  with a price like that it will prime the pump and attracts buyers with offers.  And the end result is to get your house SOLD. 

And look what can happen now, you can buy your next home……….

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  1. Maybe *you* are one of the agents that we should follow blogging through November. I know a great tutor…

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