Colors inside or outside of the home?

Lots of Color

Does your home have color? Does it have too much color? Well if it is on the out side of the house and in the garden, then you should be alright. Of-course if it looks like this at your home, you need to start charging admission for viewers because you have created something FANTASTIC!. This picture is from the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.

Having too much color inside your home could be an issue. Most folks in todays market are looking for neutral colors or at the worst earth tone colors. Colors that go with a lot of different things and colors that make people feel good when they walk into the room. Now that doesn’t mean dark colors are out or shouldn’t be used for your personal enjoyment. however be careful not to go to dark where it might be hard to paint over.
A wise person once told me that she paints her home walls white (or the off whites) and she decorates with color. Now that is real simple. Less time painting and more time shopping!!!

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  1. Less is definitely more.

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