Buying your home in Richmond VA, what next?

Buying your home in Richmond, VA can be exciting and forgettable at the same time.  Remember your home is an investment and you need to take care of it.  Unlike your pet, or plants that cry feed me or take care of me, your home doesn’t. 

Now that you have moved into your Richmond Virginia home you need to keep in mind several things for the future of your real estate investment.  In the Richmond and Central Virginia market, the soil can be active with termites.  The silent but costly mistake is that you don’t maintain a Termite Warranty on your home.  At least once a year, have your home inspected by a licensed termite contractor.  The cost is minimal but you can save thousands on your Richmond, Virginia home in the future. 

The second thing to consider is having a home warranty on a yearly basis that covers the mechanical, plumbing and electrical items in your home. In a nut shell, it is a health insurance policy on your home.  If the furnace or hot water heater breaks, you call the warranty company and they will recommend several contractors to come out and take a look.  You pay a deductible and the warranty company pays the rest.  Simple, easy and peace of mind for your valuable investment. 

Homes in Richmond Virginia have basements or crawl spaces.  Either one, make sure that they are dry during the raining season and well protected in the cold seasons.  Less moisture, means less chance of mold. 

Homeownership made easy. 

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  1. You take direction well! Great post.

  2. was here!
    Thanks for the good and hard working blog!
    I looking forward to see more posting fron you!

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