Listing your home – Do I need a title search?

Listing your home in any city you live in can be a very stressful situation not to mention anxious.  Take a little stress relief and get a pre sale title search done on your home.  Why you ask? I thought the buyer does that right before settlement on your home?  The buyer does, but unlike the pre sale title search it might take days or weeks to clear up title issues.  Well past the settlement date and now everyone is stressed. 

When your home is listed by an agent that has closing attorney’s available to them, like Bon Air Title in Richmond, Virginia the closing attorney for the seller will do a title search for you for FREE.  Yes, you have your first mortgage, a second mortgage and a possible line of credit etc. still open and with balances but you might have creditors still on there with zero balances but have not been cleared yet.  That could be the issues that take time. 

So while your home is listed, this is plenty of time for these title issues to be resolved and cleared for take off for the purchaser to settle on the day the contract states. 

Free, no stress and peace of mind selling your home, is there any other way?

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  1. I just had a title searched on a listing this afternoon. Better safe than sorry.

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