Don’t wait to buy a home!

Funny things happen when you are looking at a home to buy and you love it to death but you just can’t pull the trigger.  Something is holding you back in buying that home. WHAT?  Then all of a sudden you get a call from your buyers agent you ahve been working with and they tell you that the house you LOVE, is already under contract.  Then you say to yourself now I really want that house! 

Then as a listing agent I get the call from the buyers agents telling me that if something happens with the current contract please let meknow my folks really like the house and want to purchase. I say alright but good luck.  most likely in this situation the slow to pull the trigger buyer is going to loose out on getting the home they really want or better yet thought was a really good deal (price and condition.) 

If you are a buyer and in the market to purchase a home in Richmond, VA or other good real estate markets around the country, then you need to ask yourself these questions. 

1. Am I pre approved for a loan and now what I can afford?

2. Do I have a job? which mean you got pre approved with a lender in the first place

3. Do I like the house and the area?

If you and answer yes to all these questions then you need to pull the buying trigger and go for it. As the saying goes, You Snooze, you Loose! 

Remember, the first buyer got the deal you thought you were going to get but you waited to long.

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  1. I never understood those calls. Consider this translation: If someone makes an offer on this house, call us so we can get in a bidding war for it and pay more than we anticipated.


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