Working with a REALTOR to buy or sell a home

Have you ever needed a referral to a doctor or dentist or better yet a good vet for your pooch.  Well if someone tells you they had a very good experience with that person or place of business, wouldn’t you think you would too.  Whow and you do and it was the best referral you got. 

Well that is he same way with working with a REALTOR.  Yes I mean a REALTOR not an agent.  There is an ethical difference between the two.  The REALTOR has ethics training and is a member of the National Associaiton of REALTORS and follows the REALTOR code of Ethics.  The agent is a member but doesn’t have ethics training. 

Your REALTOR will do everything they can to make the buying or selling a home an experience that you will enjoy for a long time.  Plus that REALTOR will be Loyal to you and make sure that you are well protected and are provided the information needed to make good decisions on your largest investment. 

Last but not least that REALTOR is working for you and doesn’t get paid for their services unless the home closes.  So if they are doing everything they can for you, do everything you can for them and be Loyal too.  Stay with them till the end and don’t let others sway you otherwise. 

Experience the difference and consult a REALTOR.

One Response

  1. Agreed. You need to work with someone who has experience and takes their profession seriously. Plus if you are loyal to them they will work harder for you.

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