If your garage has become a two-car attic, throw out the excess

“If your garage has become a two-car attic, throw out the excess.”

Buyers are looking for space when they shop for homes–uncluttered, clean, functional space. After the kitchen and master bedroom, the garage is the next most important space buyers consider. They want to see plenty of space for cars.

If you’ve allowed bikes and yard equipment, projects and just plain junk to take over your garage, clean it out before you put your home on the market. A cluttered garage makes it look like your home doesn’t have enough appropriate storage space. If you can’t throw everything away or find a better out-of-sight place for it, box it up and put it in a temporary storage locker until your home is sold.

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(The Gooder Group)

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  1. I agree. There’s nothing worse than seeing a garage being improperly utilized.

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