My wish from Santa is Peace on Earth!

Happy Holidays to all and Merry Christmas.  This time of the year is about shopping since Labor Day, spending lots of cash and piling up lots of credit card debt for crap we don’t need or stuff we can’t give away.  Re-gifts are in for sure.  When do you think stores will ever come up with an original idea for a SALE? Well if that is what YOU think Christmas is all about then this post is not for you. But if you want a feel good story and the real reason there is a Santa and Christmas then read on. 

A few years ago I was helping my wife volunteer at the YWCA Women’s shelter.  Well she actually came home one day and said that I was going to be Santa for a night and hand out gifts to the kids and say Ho Ho Ho. 

These are not your ordinary kids or moms. Most if not all were abused by their boy friends or  husbands, mentally and physically.  These moms and kids are seeking shelter and looking to get back on their feet.  So presents and gifts were certianly ontheir wish list. 

Well here I come to the shelter with my Santa suit and looking all jolly.  I am seated in a high back chair and I start the gift giving process.  Yes there are little elfs helping direct traffic: getting the kids to ocme over and talk with Santa.  ” Merry Christmas little one and what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?” I asked. 

Needless to say you got the usual answers: bike, Barbee, Legos, trains, and any thing possible for a kid to throw, shoot, spit, crash, fly or make.  But about an hour into this I got the most unexpected answer of them all. 

He must have been pushing 10 or so, and he just quietly came over to me and I asked him what he would like Santa to bring him for Christmas?  He replied ” I would like the ability to make Peace on Earth” 

Now you are thinking, how do I respond to that and still keep his hopes up?  I told him that I could not provide that gift to him personally. His response: I thought Santa could give any gift of all!

Yes, Santa can but some gifts are for some kids and some are for adults.  Santa has to make sure that each person gets the correct gift to make the most of that gift for them and for others. 

The little boy responded by say, Yes I know Santa, I am too young  for that gift right now.  

If this brings tears to your eyes now, how do you think I feel right about then. I am holding back the tears, not to mess up the rental suit. I will never forget that little boy asking me for peace on earth as long as I live.  I don’t know who tought this little boy to be kind, gentle, caring and thoughtful to all others but  I hope one day my Son asks Santa for the same gift.


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