When the kids aren’t happy, nobody’s happy

Relocating can be particularly stressful for families with children. Younger kids may not express a reluctance to leave their old, familiar home, but they may react poorly as the process unfolds. Older children, especially teenagers, may vehemently object. “It’s my life too!”


As parents, you can do a variety of things to bring the kids on-board for a move. Communication is key–listening to your kids’ concerns and letting them know you understand how they feel. Preparation is important too. Give your children lots of information about the new location, helping them visualize a great new life in an interesting place. Then get them involved shopping for the new home, visiting schools, making lists–anything that shifts their focus forward.


You’ll find more valuable suggestions in my special online report, FAMILY MOVE: Tips For House Hunting With The Kids. Simply click the title to read it. You may also be interested in reading, SMOOTH: A Dozen Ways To Plan The Perfect Relocation. I would be happy to help your relocation any way we can.

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