Own a House in Jackson Hole, WY for $100?

House Raffle Presents Unique Solution to Beat Depressed Real Estate Market & Donate $500K to Charity

 JACKSON HOLE, Wyo., July 20 /PRNewswire/ — How does one beat the most depressed real estate market in recent history AND donate $500,000 to charity?–Brad Bradley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming decided he could do both by simply raffling off his $735,000 home. The Jackson Hole, WY resident is selling raffle tickets for $100 in an effort to break even on his mortgage and donate all additional proceeds to charity.

 At $100 a ticket, a maximum of 15,000 tickets will be sold for a chance to win Bradley’s recently remodeled 3-bedroom, 1,300 sqft house in the resort community of Jackson Hole, WY. As part of Bradley’s plan, the raffle will pay all federal income taxes and closing costs for the new owner, an added value of $200,000. Homeowner Brad Bradley commented, “I wanted the raffle to come out as a net positive for everyone involved in the equation. Winning a house for $100 and later being slapped with $200,000 in taxes and closing fees just didn’t seem fair.”

 Faced with a dismal real estate environment (locally, the number of total sales down 79% compared to 2008(1)), Bradley’s raffle presents an innovative solution to selling a home in a depressed market. By limiting the total number of tickets sold to 15,000, paying the federal income tax and donating all proceeds (approximately $500,000) to charity, Bradley believes his plan will allow him to break even and do some good for the community. “With the median home price in Jackson Hole at $1,345,000, $100 and a 1:15,000 odds of winning a home is pretty solid,” Bradley noted.

 The raffle is being administered by the Jackson Hole Volunteer Firefighters Association, a 501(c)3 organization. In addition to the Jackson Hole Volunteer Firefighters Association, the raffle’s proceeds will be split among The American Outdoor Academy, Philmont Staff Association (a Boy Scouts of America organization) and the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center. A minimum of 10,000 tickets must be sold for the raffle to take place. Raffle drawing will take place Oct. 1 2009.

 More information about the raffle and tickets may be purchased at: http://howtorafflemyhouse.com/

 (1) The Hole Report, 1st Qrtr 2009. (C) David E. Viehman dba Jackson Hole Real Estate & Associates LLC



SOURCE Jackson Hole Volunteer Firefighters Association

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