Open Houses are like First dates

Have you ever been to an open house on Sunday afternoon? Well I have done lots of them and encountered a lot of things and folks. I always get my clients to get their home ready for the Open House.

Its like that first date. You finally get the courage to ask that pretty girl or handsome guy out and now you have to get ready.
You are hoping you can put forth your best foot and impress your date.
You clean your car
You buy some new clothes
Get your hair cut
Shave and shower
Clean your place just in case
And you charm and woo with poetry and dinner

You only get 1 chance for a first impression.

Recently I had some great feedback from buyer at my open house. Saying that my house was clean, de cluttered and ready for showings and was refreshing to come into a nice home.

My clients would be glad to know that their hard work in making that first impressions last.

You won’t fall in love with every first date but or that clean home but hopefully you will experience a good time.

Open Houses are like First Dates. Dress to impress.

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