Don’t be afraid of a stucco home, just give it a little attention!

If you are looking to buy a stucco home don’t be alarmed by all the class action lawsuits or the problems you might have heard about leaks and rotten walls.  The technology and the installation process has come a long way.  Just like any product, brick, stone, vinyl and stucco you ahve to keep water outside and have ways for it to channel out, so it doesn’t get inside.

Stucco has done a remarkable job in designing systems to not let water penetrate the interior of your walls.  However, it is not a build and let it go kind of product.  You have to continually check the exterior areas of your home that have been caulked.  Around windows and doors, kick out flashing around the gutter and roof lines, around outlets and receptacles and light fixtures, areas around attached decks, chimneys, crickets and flashings. All these areas need to be well caulked about every 3-5 years.

In a nut shell look for areas where water can penetrate the walls, where the stucco meets a different material and caulk.  Go to   MositureFree Warranty to find lots of helpful information on the level of maintenance of a stucco home.

Don;t be afraid just give it a little attention.

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