Interest Rate April 10 weekend

Mortgage rates rose
 in the first full week following the Federal Reserve’s exit from the mortgage-bond market as the Dow crossed above the 11,000 level for the first time in 18 months. The Fed is gradually peeling back stimulus measures as higher stocks and gains in employment numbers indicate a strengthening economic recovery.‬
‪ ‬

Freddie Mac reported that  the 30 year fixed rate averaged 5.21%, up from  5.08% a week ago. However, qualified buyers can still lock in with up for 3 days at 5.0%. ‬

 Buyers can ensure they have the best terms
 – Prosperity will match or beat any bona fide offer from a local lender – or provide the buyer with a $
25 Home Depot gift card. If they are interested, we can also offer no closing cost options as well.***‬
Here are our weekend rates for 
purchase loans on single-family homes greater than $150,000 with 20% down and 740+ credit scores:
Conf 30 year fixed to $417,000: 5


Conf 30 year fixed ($417,000-$535,900): 5


FHA 30 year fixed:

 5.125% Jumbo 30 year fixed ($528,750+): 5.


All rates reflect 1 origination, 0 discount points. Please note rates do vary by credit score, loan amount, occupancy and loan to value.

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