What’s the Rush

Excuse me for being blunt but What’s the Big Rush? With interest rates STILL really low, the economy some what stable and the housing inventory exceeding the demand, why would any buyer need to buy now?

Well here are a few reasons why.
1 The Feds are through with bail outs and tax credits. We need to buy on our own. It’s not a new welfare program.
2. The market has already hit the bottom and in some markets it is starting to rise again.
3. Job security is a little better in areas and stabilizing. If you haven’t lost your job yet – you most likely won’t anytime soon.
4. There are some really great deals out there.

Now what is a deal you say? A deal is a home in great condition, lots of features and priced well below the market or at a short sale price.

My theory is when gas prices drop closer to $2.00 a gallon the economy will rev back up again. It wasn’t long ago when the price of gas jumped up so high that folks stop buying the extras. And look at all the other petroleum based products suffering.

Maybe BP could start the downward shift and cut prices at the pump. Now that would be a good PR move.
Hope August is a good month for all.

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