Exhibition football is in the air!

Bowl Line up for 2010

Total bowl games: 35 with 70 teams competing out of a total of 120 total FBS teams available.  Starting Dec 31st to Jan 10 there are 17 games with almost half the teams playing.  Why is this significant, well lets take a look at the numbers.

14 – teams with 6 or 7 wins

14 -teams with 9, 10 or 11 wins

2 – teams with 8 wins

total record of 300 – 116  not to bad if you are a coach.

But lets look at who is playing.  Clemson and Georgia with 6-6 records, Northwestern with a 7-5 record, Middle Tennessee with a 6-6 record on Jan 6th, and Kentucky with a 6-6 record on Jan 8th. and then Boston College with a 7-5 rocord on Jan 9th.

Can you show me the MONEY!! because it isn’t about their success. Half those teams will loose money by going to a bowl game.  The other half are still in a daze about their selection.

Back in the day it was a huge deal to play on Dec 31 and a New Years Day Bowl Game.  It was a right of passage for everything to stop on those days and you watch the bowl games with everyone.  You planned your day around YOUR team playing on that day.

Now we are relegated to watching all these exhibition games with no meaning at all (except for the teams trying not to go under 500) .  Watching teams play in front of 1/2 empty stadiums and in cold weather. is miserable.  Hey lets pack up the car and go to Birmingham ALA for the Compass Bowl and watch two sub par teams play.  The saving grace is it starts at noon.

Frankly do you really think we are going to watch these bowl games if your team is not playing.  The only three I will watch the chick-fil-A Bowl, The Orange Bowl and the Title Game.  Other than that who has time when the NFL playoffs are starting.




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