Fall back SPRING AHEAD this Sun

On Sunday, 03/13/2011at 2:00 a.m., Daylight Saving Time begins. Please use this opportunity to check your smoke detectors and change the batteries. Help keep your family and friends safe by encouraging them to adopt a simple lifesaving habit.
When you turn your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night, make a lifesaving change in your household — change the batteries in your smoke alarms. This simple habit takes just a moment, but is the best defense your family has against the devastating effects of a home fire.
Eighty-three percent of all civilian fire-related deaths are a result of home fires, and on average, nearly three children a day die in these fires. An early warning can provide critical extra seconds to escape; smoke alarms double your family’s chance of getting out of a home fire alive — but only if they work.
Also, remember to check your smoke detectors monthly! Press the button – don’t press your luck!
This is also a great time to check your supplies in your emergency preparedness kit. Check expiration dates on food and water in your kit, and consider switching out clothing and other supplies in your kit. Check out the new Be Ready Henrico page for shopping lists and other useful information to ensure your family is prepared for disasters – http://www.co.henrico.va.us/departments/fire/emergencymgmt/ .

Consult your local counties website for more information in your area. Wes Atiyeh
Associate Broker
Long and Foster

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