Radiant Barriers an Integral Part of Green Construction






Radiant Barriers an Integral Part of Green Construction.

Bill Garrett  @ WB Garrett inc. bulding in Westhampton Glen Area 22 uses this type of green construction in his homes TODAY!.

Have you ever touched a south or west facing interior wall on a summer afternoon? The heat you feel is the result of radiant heat from the sun.

If a well-insulated wall conducts this amount of heat, how much of this heat enters your home through the attic and adversely affects your utility bills? The answer is “a lot,” and one solution that is rapidly gaining in popularity is radiant barrier roof sheathing. Energy conservation measures in residential construction typically focus on reducing air leakage and using energy efficient products. And while these tactics are effective as part of an overall conservation strategy, they don’t address the effects of radiant heat…….




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