New construction home – a la cart

Buying a new construction home can be one of two processes.  Easy or a la cart.  Both ending up close to the same price. 

When looking at a new home there are several factors to consider like – The builder reputation, craftsmanship and quality, the building materials used and the hassles you will have to go to make it yours.  In today’s market a lot of folks are looking mainly at the price per square foot and the total finished square footage.  If there is a basement remember the basement is NOT the same value as the floors above grade.  At time the basement can be 50% less value regardless of what you have in it.  That includes a walk out basement as well. 

So if you have a home that is listed for $400,000 base price think of it like buying a car.  There is the base price to get you in the door then you need to add the packages and options.  examples would be single hung windows upgraded to double hung windows, tray ceiling and trim in the dining room, unfinished basement  or finished basement, bay window with metal roof, oak floors and stairs, elongated toilet, structured wiring in home, ceiling fans in the bedrooms and family rooms, raised kitchen cabinets, trim on the cabinets, trim molding in the house, granite upgrade,  under mount sink, stainless steel appliances package, and much much more. 

Once you add up all the little items you want in your new home now that home cost about $480,000- $500,000.  A little bit more than that base price you thought you were getting.  That is a la cart.  typically more expensive and a more frustrating process. 


You can take a look at the home that has it ALL INCLUDED in the standard price and for the most part the only thing you have to choose is colors or a little more of this or little more of that.  Quality construction, engineered flooring and roof structures, and the best part it cost LESS than the a la cart home.

Just a hint, it the price is really low and the square footage is really high, you need to take a closer look at what you are getting or better yet what you ARE NOT getting for the price.   

As a new construction expert please don;t hesitate to call or email with your questions or concerns.  I am more than happy to assist. 


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