Not $ooo fast Zillow…just a little outside

Just when you thought you could trust everything you read online, I am here to show you that is wrong.

The real estate industry was taken by storm when Zillow came on the scene and the REALTORS out there thought this was doom and gloom for our industry.  Well, over the years Zillow has proven two things.

1. Marketing can sell anything —even cow pies, and

2. A computer will never be as smart as a REALTOR that knows the market inside and out.

I get a lot of clients on both sides that come in and say they have been searching on Zillow and Trulia.  That is fine, but if you want the truth and accurate, updated, and relevant information about the local market, ask me or your REALTOR.  The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) feeds into, which are the two most accurate sources of information a buyer and seller can use other than their agent.

Buying a plane ticket on-line is what I equate Zillow to because a coach seat on one plane is usually the same on the other. But a house is unique and different in so many ways other than just the past sold price, square footage, and public tax records.  There are so many factors to consider I can’t list them all and neither can a computer program.

My house recently sold in April of 2013 for $359,000 but the Zestimate was $282,000, a whopping 79% difference.

In baseball terms…..Just a little outside.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions or would like more information on the value of your home.  Have a great summer.

Get Real…Get a REALTOR.




Thanks Dad!

Dear Dad,

Wasfi Anton Atiyeh

Wasfi Anton Atiyeh

I know it has been a year (Jan 5th) when you left us unexpectedly but I wanted to give you a little update on what has been happening. (Not that you can’t see it for yourself.) I know how proud you were of all of us, grand kids included and this last year was just one surprise after another.
I think you would have been moved by how many folks were at your funeral and how much support we received from friends all over.  Simply Amazing.

Just a little run down on what has been happening with everyone so far.

Mom, Karen and I left Long and Foster and moved over to Joyner Fine Properties on August 20th.  Mom is happy that she is working and managing again and everyone there is really great.

Benita and Mike are doing well in both their dental practices providing patient care above and beyond the norm.
Benita was inducted in the order of St. John

Scott is doing really well in his architecture business SMS Architects

The grand kids are doing the best.  Carter as you know is in her senior year at Princeton and also Co-Captain of the swim team.  She already has a job offer with IBM in New York.

Thomas is doing well at school and got a 3.9 last semester and is continuing to succeed on the Stanford Swim Team.  He went to the Olympic Trials last July, did well and gained a lot of experience for 2016.

Anne made the girls varsity tennis team and continues to do well in swimming at Collegiate.

Drew is in second grade and as any second grader loving life.  Still swimming and playing tennis.  You would be really proud of all of them for their accomplishments and their schooling.

You demanded perfection of yourself, but not of us.  Your desire for us to pursue excellence,  you knew that we would achieve great things.  As one of our biggest supporters over the years isn’t it nice to know that everyone continues your wishes.

Another mile stone you would love is the Redskins won the East against the Cowboys with a Rookie QB and heading to the playoffs tomorrow.  What is even more amazing is they are playing the Seahawks with another rookie QB, Russell Wilson from Richmond, VA (Collegiate).  You remember this guy, he was on the treadmill next to you ( wearing Cougar shorts) a few years back and you asked him if he played football.  Russell responded by saying ” Yes sir, I am at NCSU and play QB”  You were impressed with him then, you would be his biggest fan today with the way he has played.  Most of all the way he, RG3 and Andrew Luck have raised the bar in the NFL for how the game and your approach to excellence should be.

Thanks Dad for showing love, compassion and discipline in seeking knowledge and demonstrating good values.  As long as we draw breath, we will seek to live up to the example you so selflessly gave us.

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